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Epubor Kindle Transfer 1.0

Straightforward app to transfer e-books from your PC to your Kindle or Kobo
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Moving your e-books between devices or between your computer and your Kindle or Kobo is now a straightforward and gratifying task thanks to Epubor Kindle Transfer. You can now send any e-books on your PC to your Kindle (and vice versa) simply by selecting them and clicking on the “Transfer” button. This means that you can also use this app to back up the books on your Kindle or Kobo in one single operation. Besides, if any of these e-books happen to be EPUB or PDF files, Epubor Kindle Transfer will convert them into MOBI on the fly.

The program opens in a clear and nicely structured interface. On the left hand side you will find a panel showing the location of your PC library and any e-readers connected to your computer. You can then browse through all the e-books stored on your computer and reading devices and use the built-in search engine to locate those titles that you wish to transfer. E-books can travel freely in any direction – either from your Kindle to your PC and vice versa, or between e-readers. One caveat, though – Epubor Kindle Transfer can only see at your Kindle’s root directory, so you won’t be able to locate any e-book stored in any of the custom folders that you may have created to organize your collection. If this is the case, you will need to move to your Kindle’s main directory all the e-books you wish to back up or transfer to another device, so that the program can “see” them and transfer them for you.

When loading e-books to your Kindle or Kobo from your PC, Epubor Kindle Transfer works seamlessly with any MOBI, EPUB, and PDF file. Any e-books in other formats that your PC library may contain will be ignored by the program. While Kobo readers can handle all three formats, Kindle devices can only read e-books in MOBI or PDF. That is why Epubor comes with conversion capabilities that will transform all EPUB files into MOBI during the transfer process. This conversion is totally transparent to the user.

The program’s ease of use and the smoothness with which all transfer process are performed are surely the program’s main assets. All Kindle and Kobo models are supported, as well as the most widely used e-book file formats. Its on-the-fly conversion capabilities make the entire transfer process a simple and stress-free task.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Converts e-books to Kindle-compatible formats on the fly
  • Straightforward functionality
  • Search engine
  • Transfers books directly between devices


  • Doesn't allow you to browse your Kindle folders
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